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Joshua Morott was born in Fort Polk, Louisiana, and raised in the close-knit community of Slagle. Growing up in this small country town instilled in Joshua a deep appreciation for the values of hard work, community, and resilience.

Joshua's father, a retired Army veteran, and his mother, a human resources professional at a local prison, taught him the importance of service and dedication from a young age. These values guided Joshua through his early years and continue to influence his commitment to public service.

One of Joshua's proudest moments was delivering his baby girl at home through a planned home birth. This personal experience underscored his belief in individual choice and the importance of personal freedoms.

As a devoted father, Joshua spent much of his life as the primary caretaker of his children, gaining firsthand experience in the challenges and rewards of raising a family. His passion for education led him to a career as a long-term substitute teacher, where he discovered his love for teaching public speaking. Prior to teaching, Joshua worked as an insurance agent for five years, helping individuals and families navigate their financial futures.

In his spare time, Joshua enjoys fishing and hiking, finding peace and inspiration in the great outdoors. His love for comedy movies reflects his belief in the power of laughter and positivity in overcoming life's challenges.

Joshua is running for Congress to bring a fresh, practical perspective to Washington. His campaign focuses on:

Border Security: Joshua believes in closing and defending our borders by any means necessary. He argues that current congressional funding supports both the invasion and enforcement, resulting in wasted resources and taxpayer money. Joshua also advocates for revamping TSA procedures to adopt Israel's airport security methods, which are less invasive and harassing.

Veterans' Rights: Joshua is committed to better serving veterans, proposing the creation of Veteran Retirement Communities for aging and homeless veterans. He firmly believes that no veteran in America should ever be homeless.

Economy and Jobs: Joshua stresses the need to stop congressional waste on pork projects, which he views as abusive and fraudulent. He attributes high inflation to Congress's excessive spending and emphasizes the importance of fiscal responsibility.

Foreign Aid: Joshua is against all foreign aid until America takes care of its own first. He believes that the country's resources should be focused on addressing domestic issues and ensuring the well-being of American citizens before assisting other nations.

Healthcare: Joshua advocates for the repeal of Obamacare or requiring Congress to sign up for it themselves. He proposes extending group insurance to churches and other organizations, allowing members to purchase discounted group insurance through their affiliations.

Education: Joshua supports abolishing the Department of Education, believing education should be managed at the state level. He emphasizes the need to teach the Constitution at every grade level and to find ways to lower college tuition. Joshua calls for stripping public colleges of their non-profit status until tuition becomes affordable and ensuring profits from college sports are not exploited for outrageous salaries. He also seeks reforms on Pell Grant programs to focus on skills and trades that serve America in the long term, rather than non-skilled degrees. Additionally, Joshua is against DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) education and believes all DEI departments should be abolished. He is a strong advocate for school choice via a voucher system.

Term Limits: Joshua is a proponent of implementing term limits, advocating for a maximum of two terms for local, state, and federal public service. He also supports activating the Convention of States under Article 5 of the Constitution, believing that Congress will never enact limitations on themselves without external pressure.

Joshua Morott's life experiences have uniquely prepared him to serve and represent the people of Louisiana. He understands the struggles of everyday Americans and is committed to making their voices heard in Congress. With your support, Joshua aims to bring integrity, dedication, and a common-sense approach to the nation's capital.

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